How it Works...
Download permanent installation instructions for:
                                    Miss America type crown  Regular Round
                                       Princess type crown   Small Round
                                        Galaxy type crown   Monster
                                       Universe type crown   Large Round

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How does the CrownClip work?  A simple principle of physics!  Every force has an equal and opposite reaction.


A properly installed CrownClip exerts a force that pulls the tiara to your head.  Don't worry, complete

installation instructions come with your clip.  The clip will come with enough elastic to allow you to

customize the length of the device (for crowns with a diameter of 5" to 9" - see note below).  It only

takes a few minutes to install (1) unclasp (2) thread through and (3) adjust length. 


It also comes with instructions on how to unlace and re-lace the device through the openings in your tiara,

providing even a better base of stability and a neater look. 


Putting the device on takes some practice.  Remember to grasp the combs on either side of the tiara...pointing downward...stretch out, then rotate the combs under the tiara... the curve of the combs should follow the curve of your head.

Tuck the comb under the tiara.  If you have an MAO system you can push them under the side rings, and it will actually lock them in! 


Remember when you remove it to lift up one side at a time, otherwise you will pull your hair! 


Here is the new custom permanent install video.  Enjoy! 





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